We’re building something that’s never been built before — a community of people helping each other find the best products to improve our lives.

To be a Sidebar Ambassador, just let us know which products you own that you absolutely love. If accepted, you’ll join the other ambassadors at the Sidebar Community and use the Sidebar mobile app to answer questions from other people like you about those products. We’re focused on products that make our lives healthier, including those in the outdoor, athletic, and health industries, but please feel free to share whatever it is you love for us to consider in the future.

The more you share Sidebar with your friends, and the more honest and authentic you are with your feedback, the faster we’ll grow.

Meanwhile, the Sidebar team is building relationships with brands to offer rewards for your activity. These rewards will be based not on sales you convert, but by how helpful you are.

We will keep you posted regarding your application and our launch schedule. Thank you!

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